Photo by Greg Frasz

Foot Stompin' Fun
Funky folk and bluegrass, pure rhythm and grooves...
when the hands are clappin' and the frets are thumpin'
and the feet start stompin', who needs drums? 

Back Porch Harmonies
Luscious three part harmonies with plenty of twang, a dash of raw grit,
a hint of blue falsetto and a heapin' helpin' of dadgum happy.

A Harvest of Tone
Annie & Kevin Kincaid, Hall Hanes, Danny Keith and Jim Williams: 
As natural as can be...a fusion of rosewood, spruce, mahogany,
maple, harp reeds, picks and bows and leather soles in 4/4 time...
well most of the time...jumpin' the beat, on the beat, behind
and on top of the beat...and always keepin' the beat with our feet.

A Celebration of Song
The set list includes some of our own little homespun
numbers along with covers of the great American masters:
John Prine, Peter Rowan, Lyle Lovett, Kevin Welch, Guy Clark,
Steve Earle, Gillian Welsh, John Hiatt, Johnny get
the's all about the songs and the sharing.